Jay's Lua tools

Lua is a powerful, embeddable language. I've written a few tools for it.


FLTK (now the "Fast Light Toolkit") is a C++ widget set for X and Win32.  It's used on the Agenda Computing Agenda VR3 Linux-based PDA. I wrote a toLua binding for it.  See the Lua FLTK page at Sourceforge for more information, including source, binaries, and documentation.


Lxp is a simple binding of James Clark's expat stream-based XML parser to Lua.  Although it is not a complete binding, it should be simple to extend, and sufficient for many uses.



Lua XML-RPC is an client/server implementation of xmlrpc.com's XML-RPC remote procedure call mechanism with XML marshaling.  It uses my Lxp XML parser binding, and uses LuaSocket for client transport.

Although the packaging and documentation are scant, this package successfully passes the validation tests at http://validator.xmlrpc.com/ .

(Known misdesign: structs with false/nil-valued members and arrays starting with false/nil will not be transmitted correctly.  Fixed in next rev.)


Debian packaging

I've done some packaging of Lua 4.0 for Debian stable.

Enhanced lua interpreter for Lua 4.0

lhf posted instructions for using the enhanced bin/lua from Lua 4.1-work in Lua 4.0. That bin/lua includes readline support, = as a shortcut for print, and automatic support for statements that span lines. I've created a patch against the standard 4.0 distribution that implements those changes, adds config support, and updates the documentation.

Jay Carlson